PC Specialties has been serving the telecommunications engineering community for over 15 years as a proven problem-solving partner with unparalleled expertise in related materials and manufacturing processes.

When clients include PC Specialties at the design stage of their projects, the collaboration results in significant cost savings due to water reduction and the specification of the most suitable materials for the project’s particular requirements.

Founded in 1992, PC Specialties, Inc. has grown to become one of the largest independent ISO certified global suppliers of high frequency printed circuit board antenna products.  From the very beginning, our sole focus has been providing superior PCB-based antenna products to the commercial telecommunication and wireless technology industries.  We have unmatched experience with the full spectrum of RF products including power dividers, phase shifters, striplines, patches, combiners, base station, GPS and satellite automotive antennas.  RF is all we do and we have the best possible solution to an ever changing and demanding market.